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Thinking of getting/revamping a website?

If you’re looking into getting a website built for you, whether it’s new or an updating to an existing one, there are a few questions it would be helpful to ask yourself (and answer).

Think about these things:

  • What do I want a website to achieve for me?
  • What is it worth for me (or my company) to have a new website (reaching new market, launching a product, etc.)?
  • What problems will a website solve for me, if any? Will it create more?
  • Why haven’t I already sent Jarrod a message with these answers?

A website can be a big benefit, even if it’s just a place for people to find you or your business and learn a little about you and how they can get in touch. More and more people are turning to an internet search to find what they need as a first step. If you want to be found, you’ll want to have a presence on the web.

If you’d like to chat a bit about what a website can do for you and maybe get some help answering those questions, then please, contact me.

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  1. Jarrod!

    I’m digging your new layout here. The colors work really well together – everything is nice and smooth. Well done sir. congrats on the relaunch.


    I approached Jarrod a while back and it was one of the better decisions I’ve made. Not only did he make the effort to really listen to what I was asking, he took his time in learning the style and genre of website I was wanting to create. He endured my never ending questions, suggestions and my “what if we try this” repeats; all the while his temperament never wavered – always professional, friendly, appreciative and understanding. When done, he presented me with a product that I can not only be proud of, but is error and “bug” free. I will gladly refer others to Jarrod as well as be back for future projects for myself.

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